Chalmers Anita


I am passionate about people, both patients and staff, and strive to work to improve clinical effectiveness whilst maintaining patient safety by optimising the use of medicines. Almost thirty years experience of working in primary and secondary care makes me flexible and adaptable. I am keen to take on a new role which enables me to use my writing skills but allows me to achieve a better work life balance.


Key skills

Professional manner; high emotional intelligence; effective leader and team worker; work across wide networks and whole systems; assertive; motivated; planned and organised; excellent communication skills; commitment to staff engagement, equality and diversity.



Primary care:
  • Successfully accomplished a £1 000 000 saving on the prescribing budget. This change was achieved by negotiating with G.P.s and secondary care physicians, to develop lipid guidelines and organise a switch programme for statins, approved by the area prescribing committee. The prescribing budget achieved financial balance for the PCT at a time when many other PCTs were in deficit.
  • Created a regional campaign to raise public awareness of the dangers of unnecessary antibiotic prescribing and resistance by linking with the area prescribing committees across the region. The success in reducing prescribing by this campaign was published in the Journal of Antimicrob. Chemotherapy in 2007.
  • Clinics for anticoagulation, benzodiazepine withdrawal, PPI reduction, diabetes for the titration of ACEs and statins.

Secondary care:

  • Lead a team of 25 pharmacists providing outpatient anticoagulant monitoring for 2200 patients. I restructured the service to improve efficiency and save money, securing an A.Q.P. contract with local commissioners worth £400 000, thus raising income for the Trust. The service redesign was well received by the patients as they now receive their monitoring closer to home and their appointment time was reduced from 45 minutes to 6 minutes.
  • Chair the Safe Medication Practice Group where I have raised the profile of insulin safety trust wide resulting in three of the directorates asking me to support them. I am doing this by audit, teaching, management and clinical supervision.

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